Thursday, March 3, 2011

Snipet by request

Thanks Maureen for the idea to post excerpts of my books. First on the menu is Tropic of Trouble from Ellora's Cave.

Jail Sergeant Jason Jones is heading to Kelsey's place since he suspects the person who murdered Kelsey's employee at her used bookstore isn't finished yet:

Jason fastened his seat belt in his truck and started the engine. A detour past Kelsey’s place would hardly take any extra time. The peace of mind would help him sleep after he got home.

He turned on to Thirty-Sixth Street and noticed the same dark sedan behind him he’d seen immediately after leaving the jail complex. Blinded by the car’s high-beam headlights, he adjusted his rearview mirror to cut the glare.

Slowing a little, he eased the truck to the right, giving the car a wide berth to pass, but it didn’t. On a hunch, he took a left on to Eighty-Seventh Avenue. The sedan did the same, sticking close to him.

Suddenly the other driver accelerated and bumped his tailgate.

Son of a bitch. That was no accident. He swerved into a parking lot, but the other driver refused to quit. The car pulled alongside him and jerked hard to the left. The truck lurched, but he immediately righted it. He tried to glimpse inside the driver’s window but the tint proved too dark and the sky still too black.

Abruptly as it had started, the game ended and the sedan sped off. He tried to make out the license plate, but couldn’t. He gave chase for several blocks until he caught sight of a woman crossing a street pushing a stroller ahead. Easing on his brakes, he prayed the other car would slow down and avoid hitting the mother and child. The sedan continued on, barely missing them.

The vehicle zoomed away, then veered on to a side street. No way could he catch up now.

Drawing a deep breath, he wiped the sweat from his forehead.

Any doubt that Margaret’s murder had merely been an unfortunate accident during a random robbery vanished. This had become way too personal.

Want to read another excerpt? Click HERE.


MaureenAMiller said...

Thank you, Wynter! I can see I will get addicted to well your books!

Wynter Daniels said...

I hope so! Thanks.

KC Burn said...

Nice, shiny, new blog :) Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Excerpts are great. Thanks for sharing this one!


Wynter Daniels said...

Thanks for stopping by!

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