Friday, September 18, 2015

Gratitude Post #14 - My Writing Buddies

On a long drive home from a writers' conference in Atlanta, four of us came up with the idea -- a collection of stories in several genres, covering a long period of time, but revolving around a single enchanted gemstone, a magical emerald. The Jewel Box Authors were born.  Charmed by an Emerald was to be our first venture.

The collaboration was great. We picked each others' brains, bounced ideas off one another, supported other releases we all had along the journey as well as life events in the process.

Working with a group of such talented ladies was energizing, and just plain fun. The finished product is something every one of us is proud of.

When time came to start planning the second book, we decided to go with a ruby. Next up - Charmed by a Ruby. You can expect to see that book released in the spring of 2016. I can't wait. Working with some talented ladies who happen to be my friends is such an awesome experience.

Very soon I will share the cover of Charmed by a Ruby. As I write this, I am working on formatting that book. And it's going to be great!

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