Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Emerging from the Cave

2016 has been a crazy year for me. Along with the usual family stuff, social obligations and the like, I've been writing my tail off! With the holidays approaching, I am just emerging from my writing cave having typed those last two wonderful words on a book that is due to my publisher this week -- The End!

The best thing about being productive is having the perspective to look back and see all that I've done. Another wonderful part is that in the coming months I'll have some brand new books out there that some readers have been clamoring for!

Next up is the follow-up book to The Surrogate Husband, which is the story of Lucy's younger sister, Niki. That will be released in February from Entangled Publishing. Then in May I have my story out in a new-to-me series as a guest author. More about that as soon as I am able to discuss it. (Yes, it's still a bit hush-hush). Late May or early June will bring the third in my Entangled series, which stars Lucy and Niki's friend, Amy. Then in November The Jewel Box Authors will put out the third book in our series, Charmed by a Sapphire.

I still have to write a couple of these books, so as soon as I get through Thanksgiving it's back into the cave for me.

If you happen to be searching for holiday gifts soon and want to impress those on your list, I hope you'll think about giving them ebooks. Not only do books enhance the reader's life, but electronic ones are better for the planet than the paper ones.

Warmest wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving!

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