Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Year of Highs and Lows

I'm so glad that 2014 is ending on a high note for me -- a brand new book, and one that I dearly love. The Surrogate Husband was a really fun book to write. What with Lucy's pink hair, multiple piercings, and the colorful cast of characters that makes up her family, her life was just enjoyable to step in to.

And then there's Dex. Mr. Marine-turned CPA has such a hot vibe that I never wanted to get out of his point of view when I was writing. Rather than tell you, I'll give you a snipet.

Shutting his briefcase, he looked out the window and glimpsed a hot-pink Kawasaki Ninja cruising down the road. Too fast. Lucy. She’d told him during one of their phone conversations that she’d recently bought the bike. She wore a matching helmet, a black leather jacket, and short skirt. Beyond hot.
But he held his breath when a car turned in front of her, cutting her off. She stopped short. All he could think about was Caroline, driving that Mustang of hers too fast. Always too fast. Until that rainy night two and a half years ago, the last night of his fiancée’s life.
He scrubbed a hand over his face, then stepped out of the café and tried to walk off the memory as he crossed the street toward Lucy’s building.
She steered into the lot where he’d parked, climbed off the bike, and turned her back to him. Taking off the helmet, she shook out her long black-and-pink hair. Her bangs brushed her dark eyebrows, and he noticed a small gold ball at the arch of the left one. Not his thing, but it looked good on her.
Where else did she have piercings? He dropped his gaze to her breasts and wondered. None of the women he’d dated had pierced nipples, yet the idea was surprisingly arousing.
Now his erotic dreams about her were never going to stop.
“Hey, Dex. What are you doing here?” She unlocked the door to the shop. Her smile was perfect except for that tiny space between her two front teeth. Natural, not the product of years of braces.
He could have called to ask her to email the payroll records, as he did for most of his clients, but then he wouldn’t have gotten to see her again. Plus, he had to give her an answer about the wedding. Following her inside, he tried not to stare. But how was he supposed to resist? Her scent surrounded him. Her legs—covered in shimmery, black stockings—stretched from here to Canada.
“Good morning. How’s the Ninja?”
She set her helmet on the counter, which was actually an antique dresser. “Great. I can’t resist riding when the weather’s this gorgeous.”
“Wouldn’t hurt you to slow down a little.” He tipped his chin toward the road. “I couldn’t help but notice you narrowly missed getting hit.”
She actually flinched at his comment, leaving him to wonder why his well-meant advice would make her react so strongly. She didn’t seem the type to care what anyone else thought. “Would have been the other guy’s fault,” she said with a scowl.

Stubborn woman.

You see why I like Dex? There's something so hot about him. 

Writing and releasing this book was definitely a high for me this year. But this wasn't an easy year for me or my family. We had some really low lows when we lost someone who was very special to us. I've learned that you have to stop to appreciate the good things as they happen because you never know when the bad will come.

I, for one, will be overjoyed to welcome 2015.  Tell me something you're looking forward to in the coming year. I'll pick a random commenter from below to win a print copy of The Surrogate Husband (US or Canada only) or an ebook if international winner. 


Ismael n Lourdes Aguirre said...

I look forward to the birth of my first grandson, Christian Bradley.

Lorena said...

I look forward to at least one more book being published...(the one thing I have control over!)

Wynter said...

Wow, Lourdes! That's pretty huge. Bug congrats on that!

Wynter said...

Yay, Lorena! I know you'll accomplish that.

bn100 said...

Books by favorite authors

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Wynter said...

Winner!! Ismael n Lourdes Aguirre won a print copy of The Surrogate Husband.

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