Tuesday, February 3, 2015

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Coffee Time Romance Valentine’s Blog Post

The Grand Gesture

In romance novels, when all appears to be lost, the hero often does what’s known as ‘the grand gesture,’ which is basically a big, last-ditch appeal to win back his lover. This could be anything from giving up his inheritance to risking his life, to revealing the details of a long-kept family secret. The point is, it must be something that costs the hero a lot, be that emotionally, physically, or in some other way. And it has to mean something important to the heroine, enough to hopefully sway her over to agreeing to give their love another shot.
Since Valentine’s Day is the day for lovers, it’s only fitting to talk about those romantic gestures. In my latest book, THE SURROGATE HUSBAND, Dex makes such a gesture, not even realizing the effect it will have on Lucy.
In the real world, people often use the occasion of Valentine’s Day to grandstand a bit, to proclaim their undying love and devotion to their mate, sometimes by spending way too much money. Early in our relationship, my guy did that sort of thing to the tune of break-the-bank level!
Now that we’ve been married for a long time, he’s learned that those grand gestures don’t require any money at all. That’s not what they are all about. And frankly, he’s learned how to do this so well, that I have to brag on him. The man has figured out how to turn on the romance without spending a penny. What does he do? One year he drew a huge heart on our picture window with our names inside. Another time he made a similar picture on the windows of my car. There was another Valentine’s Day when he came to my workplace with a special lunch and served it to me on our finest China.
He’s such a romantic that he regularly writes sweet notes on my Facebook page. My friends get a kick out of it, and ask where they can find such an awesome guy.
I tell them that first you have to know what you’re looking for. Read a few romance novels, figure out what it is you’re searching for. There are bits and pieces of my man in every hero I write. How could I not have become a romance writer with a romantic guy like that?
When I get to the part of the book where the grand gesture comes, I love it when I can write that part in a way that involves no monetary cost. No giving up the inheritance, or the lottery money, just a gesture that comes straight from the heart. The kind that means the most.
What was the most meaningful Valentine’s Day gift you ever received? I’ll pick one commenter to win an electronic copy of THE SURROGATE HUSBAND on February 12.

Lucy Hamilton’s mother assures her great aunt on the old woman’s deathbed that confirmed bachelorette Lucy has eloped, in order to make the dying woman happy. When the unexpected happens and Aunt Bev recovers, Lucy must suddenly find a man to play her husband for a family wedding.  
The last woman that straight-laced accountant Dex Levian should pretend to be involved with is his sexy new client, Lucy, especially with the upcoming sale of his firm to a man who frowns upon mixing business with pleasure. But what red-blooded guy would turn down the opportunity to spend a romantic weekend with the sexiest woman in South Beach? When their charade starts becoming all too real, the consequences might be more than they are willing to bear.

Hi folks.
Here’s what you need to do to WIN: Comment below to be entered to win a download of THE SURROGATE HUSBAND. Then write down the word in the picture – you’ll need it on the last day of the scavenger hunt to be in to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab® 4 NOOK® 7.0!,
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Good luck!

***WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT*** I picked Elisa Difino in a random drawing as my winner. Please contact me via my website, www.WynterDaniels.com


sandy haber said...

thank you!

Elisa Difino said...

I'm not one for grand expensive gestures...They just make me feel awkward to be honest...doesn't mean I don't love them when they happen in books or movies, though! Anyway I haven't really received anything 'meaningful' for Valentine beside a few chocolates here and there. Might be because I've never really been in a lasting, serious relationship in my 28 years of age :P

Wynter said...

Sounds like you're due for someone wonderful, Elisa!

L J Dogsmom said...

on any Valentine's Day I have ahd to work, a certain someone always brings me wildflowerss, my favorite, and carnations for anyone else working with me.

Wynter said...

Aw, how sweet, LJ!

Jean MP said...

The first time my husband gave me roses for Valentine's Day, he always gives me flowers, but the first time I got red roses, still remember it.

Anne said...

I've never really gotten a meaningful Valentine's gift, one that showed actual thought.

Wynter said...

Anne - I hope that changes and you something wonderful soon!

bn100 said...

home-cooked meal

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Wynter said...

Those are always appreciated, bn100 - but rare at Casa Daniels, as Hubby doesn't know how to boil water!

Shadow said...

When we were little, my mom started this tradition were she buys all of us kids a rose, different colors for everyone, a stuffed animal, chocolates and movie night. lol Not a conventional valentines, but one thats filled with love and and fun! :)Thank you!

Tina B said...

That's very sweet! My hubby isn't very romantic, but he tries sometimes. The most meaningful Valentine's gift that I have ever received is our soon to be 5 year old. He was born on the 13th and was our Valentine's present every year. :D
Thank you for sharing and for the opportunity to read it.

Wynter said...

Shadow - how wonderful of your mom!

Wynter said...

That's the best, Tina B!

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