Thursday, August 25, 2011

Guest Author - Bonnie Paulson

Please welcome today's guest author, Bonnie Paulson

Own your Genre

Romance is known for its steam scenes, happy endings and men with muscles that go on forever.
I’ve been teased for reading “smut”. I hid my genre when I started to write it. I claimed I wrote mysteries, thrillers.  I went so far as to say I wrote literary. I even tried writing that way. Then I had an epiphany.
I couldn’t figure out why it was so dang hard to write. Everyone says write what you know. Finally, I acknowledged to myself I know romance. I’ve been reading the awesome genre since I was 8. It’s my fall back. I’ll stray and check out other genres (Harry Potter, for example) but I always return to romance.
What I learned is no genre is “more” prestigious than another. To the reader, whatever genre they like is the royal genre to them.

This is a subjective business and not because of agents and editors. Subjectivity comes from the different tastes of the readers. People like different things at different times – like food.
Whatever you write or read, be proud of it. Say it clear – don’t mumble like I used to. Jeesh, you would’ve thought I was an alcoholic or something.

I’m a romance writer. I like the mushy stuff. I like a solid, well-delivered line that creeps under my skin and kisses my bones.

I’m Bonnie R. Paulson and I read and write romance.
How about you? 

Find Bonnie at

********Bonnie has graciously offered to give a digital copy of Breathe Again to one commenter***********


Wynter Daniels said...

Doesn't make much sense that people tease romance authors for what we write. But we get the last laugh since romance is the bestselling sort of book out there!
Good luck and congrats on your release! Great cover!

MaureenAMiller said...

Bravo to you, Bonnie. Well said. I am giving you a one woman standing ovation right now. (Actually it looks kind of awkward.) LOL

Don't you ever stop, Bonnie!

J.L. Campbell said...

I'm J.L. Campbell and I also write romance. I've written from time to time that I have an inferiority complex when it comes on to what I write. Since then, I've realized that if I'm good at what I do and people enjoy what I write, then there's no reason to be ashamed. Besides, romance is still the biggest selling genre. Your post makes me want to blog on the subject.

Bonnie R. Paulson said...

Wynter - I couldn't agree more! Hopefully we will be laughing our butts to the bank - lol.

Maureen - You would never look awkward! I sense in you a endless grace. I'm envious!

And J.L. - I look forward to your blog on the subject!

THank you for stopping by!

Jeffe Kennedy said...

Amen! We write about real and meaningful human interactions. What could possibly be better than that??

Rebecca said...

Hi Bonnie! I couldn't agree more. I read and write romance...and wouldn't change that. Great blog post. :)

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