Monday, August 27, 2012

Signing Season

Tis the time of year when I do some book signings - one of my favorite things to do! Not only do I get to meet readers, but I have the opportunity to hang with my sister writers. I did a fun signing this weekend at the Orlando Public Library's Local Authors Festival with talented Central Florida authors Jax Cassidy, Dianne Venetta, Blair Bancroft and more. Aside from reconnecting with those awesome folks, I met book blogger Lorelei of Lorelei's Lit Lair, a super nice lady.

We had lots of readers come out to support us and buy our books. Doing book signings reminds me why I love writing romance so much. One woman who just happened to be at the library came over and told me she'd read some of my books and loved them. That made my day!

So for your enjoyment, here are a few pics from the event, courtesy of Lorelai and Jax Cassidy.

Pictured here are Dianne Venetta, Lorelai, Jax Cassidy and Maria Geraci.

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