Monday, January 28, 2013

Confessions of a Downton Abbey Addict

My name is Wynter and I am an addict. My drugs of choice aren't substances or pornography or gambling. I am hooked on Mary, Matthew, Edith, Cora, Mr. and Mrs. Bates, Daisy and the like.

Thankfully, my addiction isn't a harmful thing except that I have turned down a few Sunday evening social invitations in order to stay home and indulge! But it's okay because the show has so much going for it, I don't mind occasionally forgoing live human contact in order to watch.

Besides, I think Downton's success has had some very positive effects on the viewing public. First of all, it's gotten a whole lot of folks watching who've never given public broadcasting a second glance. Yay for that!

The show has risen above the Honey Booboo-esque reality shows that are contributing to the dumbing down of the US. Hopefully Downton Abbey will set a trend -- a raising of the bar of the caliber of television programming.

I know I am not alone in my addiction because the show's market share is high. So step up and admit it. Are you addicted?


Nyt Fury said...

Hello My name is Nyt , and I am a downton Abby addict :)

I found the first season and watched the entire season in one day.

It leaves my heart yearning for more. I confess, it leaves me wanting a bit for simpler times.
I am tickled that PBS has introduced it. What is even cooler to me, is that it covers an oft bereft era in history, that we miss in schools, and in entertainment.

So I am there with you girl!

Wynter Daniels said...

I agree - the beginning of the twentieth century isn't a well-visited era for movies, books or TV yet it is an interesting time.

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