Sunday, February 1, 2015

Gratitude Post #5 - Solitude

I've had times in my life when there's been too much of it. Those were lonely days, but it's been many years since I've experienced them.

These days are about finding enough hours in my schedule for family, friends, work, writing buds, spiritual pursuits, and everything else I want to do. Then there's all the stuff I have to do -- the medical appointments, errands I must run, all the little things in life that suddenly come up. They take up a lot of time.

Spending time with myself -- time I like to use to meditate, to take hot baths or to just decompress -- that time is always in short supply. But it's moments that I'm incredibly thankful for whenever I can grab it. The sounds of silence are blessedly welcome to my soul since day-to-day life can be so chaotic.

So I have no qualms about encouraging my husband and daughter to go watch a football game at a friend's house. I hate football. But more importantly, I adore a little solitude. I'm so grateful.

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